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  • The Endesfelder lab is looking for new PhDs & a PostDoc - please contact us for more info.
  • Dec 21st Christmas party - details at our secretary

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Homepage AG Scherer

Welcome to the AG Scherer!

We are a new research group at the Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology. We are looking for PhD students to join us in our work to better understand viruses by applying modern technologies in light microscopy. We aim to build an interdisciplinary and collaborative team that includes microbiologists, biophysicists, chemists, and engineers. If you have an interest in advanced bioimaging and virus-host interactions, please get in touch!




Dr. K. Scherer 

Dr. Katharina Scherer

Group Leader

Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
Phone: +49(0)228 73 7698



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