30. April 2024

Congrats to our new Dr. Alexander Balinovic! Congrats to Dr. Alexander Balinovic!

This week we went back to our old "home", the MPI in Marburg for the dissertation of our new Dr. Alexander Balinovic! 

Dissertation Dr. Alexander Balinovic
Dissertation Dr. Alexander Balinovic © Ulrike Endesfelder
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Giving his PhD dissertation talk he recapitulated his work on single-molecule microscopy and single-molecule tracking and showed us both, the biology of assembling and loading a bacterial needle complex, the injectisome, and also technical improvements for single-molecule microscopy using red-shifted marker beads and origamis (stay tuned, manuscript in prep.!).

It was also a great occasion, to celebrate our most recent publication from January this year, where we study the dynamic details of shuttling the effector proteins to the needle complex, finally in person with all first authors!

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