Research at the IfMB

The Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology is dedicated to the study of microorganisms. They represent the numerically largest fraction of living matter on our planet and exhibit great diversity due to their adaptation to a wide variety of habitats.

Our research, aimed at a fundamental understanding of the molecular mechanisms and functions of microbial biochemistry and cell biology, is an important prerequisite for the development of new biotechnological and medical applications.

Our current research groups and research interests are:

Molecular organization of E. Coli
© Ulrike Endesfelder

Research Group Endesfelder

Microbial cell biology, single molecule microscopy and biophysics

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© Natalie Hager

Research Group Deppenmeier

Gut microbiota, white biotechnology, sugar substitutes and prebiotics

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© Christiane Dahl

Research Group Dahl

Sulfur metabolism in prokaryotes

© Katharina Scherer

Research Group Scherer

Virus-host interactions, mechanisms of virus replication, bioimaging, light microscopy

© Oliver Caspari

Research Group Caspari

Green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, protein import, symbiosis, chloroplast biogenesis

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