23. February 2024

Big shoutout for the Profcast of the Fachschaft Biologie! Big shoutout for the Profcast!

Curious about careers, research and teaching in microbiology? In the recently published 4th episode of the podcast, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Endesfelder from our institute was the guest of the biology student council.

4th Profcast episode with Prof. Dr. Ulrike Endesfelder
4th Profcast episode with Prof. Dr. Ulrike Endesfelder © Fachschaft Biologie
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Since the winter semester 2021/22, there has been a wonderful project of the Biology Student Council Bonn, which we would like to advertise and support here! In the so-called Profcast (derived from the words "podcast" and "professor"), the student representatives interview various lecturers from the biology department in order to get to know the interviewees as people and to learn more about their research and teaching.

The new episode with Prof. Dr. Endesfelder and many interesting facts about career, research and teaching in microbiology can now be found on the Spotify channel of the student council.


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