26. October 2023

Women in Science - A Visualization "Missed pictures" - art exhibition at the IfMB

In front of our lecture hall in the institute there is now a small art exhibition about the project "Missed Pictures" by Gesine Born - visit us and support the artist in her research project!

"Missed Pictures" - WOMEN IN SCIENCE - A VISUALIZATION © Ulrike Endesfelder
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Gesine Born | Bilderinstitut and Kiel SCN (Kieler Netzwerk für Wissenschaftskommunikation)

What do Rosalind Franklin, Lise Meitner and Vera Rubin have in common? They were brilliant female scientists in very different disciplines - and yet they never won the Nobel Prize.
In her fellowship at KielSCN (Kiel Network for Science Communication), photographer Gesine Born is investigating which visual methods are effective in making women in science visible. One possibility is to use artificial intelligence to make up for "missed pictures" that never existed.
But is the controversial medium suitable for making women visible in science? In any case, scenarios like the awarding of a Nobel Prize can be generated. What does that prompt in you? That is what Gesine Born would be interested to know. By participating in her accompanying survey, you would greatly support her research project. The results will be incorporated into freely available recommendations for action for scientific institutions and help to make women in science visible by various means.

Therefore, come by, the QR code and link to the survey can be found directly at the pictures to capture your impressions and support the project!

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