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Prof. Dr. Erwin Galinski

Research Interests

Biochemistry and biotechnology of extremophile microorganisms

Our studies currently focus on halophilic and halotolerant eubacteria and their adaptation strategies to salt stress.

Osmotic equilibrium is achieved in many of these organisms through the accumulation of so-called "compatible solutes". These are organic molecules, mostly of low molecular weight, which are characterised by high water solubility and do not negatively affect cell metabolism even in molar concentrations. Accumulation in the cells occurs either by de novo synthesis or by uptake from the surrounding medium. These osmotically active substances prevent the outflow of fluid into the medium (desiccation), but also take on important protective functions towards enzymes and cell structures.

Our interests lie both in basic research and in the application-oriented field. In addition to investigating the biosynthesis of compatible solutes at the molecular biological and enzymatic level, we are involved in the development of production strains and biotechnological production processes.

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Prof. Dr. Erwin Galinski



Meckenheimer Allee 168

53115 Bonn

Our best-known discovery is Ectoine, which is used commercially as an active ingredient for a wide variety of cosmetic and medical applications.

The story of the discovery and development of Ectoine has been published in book form by Prof. Dr.Michael Heinzel (bilingual, German-English).

Contact: MichaelHeinzel@gmx.net
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