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We are interested in how cellular life arises and is controlled by molecular processes. As an interdisciplinary group with a research focus on microbial cell biology, we use a comprehensive range of methods, including molecular biology, biochemistry, bioanalytics, fluorescence microscopy, biophysics, and computational approaches. A special emphasis is our methodological focus on quantitative microscopy, in particular single molecule microscopy, to study the cell biology of a wide variety of microorganisms from all domains of life, i.e. archaea, eukaryotes as well as prokaryotes. Here, we use the latest fluorophores and labeling methods and continuously develop new, often customized, analytical methods that are optimized and automated for large datasets. These techniques allow us to visualize and measure the interactions and functions of individual molecular players within the cellular environment. Direct observation of complex molecular life allows us to gain important insights and a fundamental understanding of the cell biology and physiology of microorganisms.


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Prof. Dr. Ulrike Endesfelder

Group leader


Meckenheimer Allee 168

53115 Bonn

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