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  • Antrittsvorlesung
    Prof. Ulrike Endesfelder
    Dies Academicus 18.05.2022,
    11.15 Uhr Hörsaal III, Hauptgebäude

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AG Prof. Endesfelder

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Insights into the inner life of living cells: Exploring cellular biophysics by single-molecule methods

Single-Molecule Biophysics and Microbiology is an exciting interdisciplinary frontier in physics and biology. It applies tools and techniques of physics to understand how microbiological systems work, from the scales of single molecules to an entire living organism - and beyond. At the same time, the observed biological phenomena offer us unique opportunities to learn new physics on complex, non-equilibrium systems.
We are interested in
an in situ understanding of molecular processes in cells.
Our main techniques are
quantitative single-molecule tracking and structural super-resolution microscopy methods which we tailor for our biological research applications.
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