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  • The Endesfelder lab is looking for new PhDs & a PostDoc - please contact us for more info.
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Research interests

Our group develops and applies single-molecule techniques to study microbiology - being interested in the in vivo molecular understanding of cellular processes that build up life.

In contrast to restricted in vivo assays, this enables us to study the molecules' spatial organization and dynamics in their heterogeneous, cellular environment and to observe their interaction with other cellular machinery. It provides us with a widely applicable bottom-up system biology approach to study complex in vivo interactions and biochemistry.



For a single-molecule resolution, one needs highly optimized and robust tools - which mostly exist for mammalian cell studies but are largely missing in the field of microbiology. Since 2014, our group establishes the tools needed for microbial projects and offers a unique combination of expertise in microbiology and single-molecule biophysics.