29. June 2023

Radioastronomy, nature & wine Exciting institute excursion

Review of an exciting institute excursion

with an impressive Effelsberg radio telescope and the hunt for gravitational waves, lots of nature and wonderful wine at the Sermann winery!

IMG_20230629_123140976.jpg © Ulrike Endesfelder
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Our undisputed highlight was the Effelsberg radio telescope, where we gained fascinating insights into the world of radio astronomy and hot off the press new measurements of gravitational waves. Many thanks to Dr. Norbert Junkes for his wonderful talk, the tour and all the exciting Science!

Then we went on a hike along the Ahr to Altenahr. As we walked along this small, harmless-looking river, we could hardly imagine how massive the flood must have been two years ago. We ended at the Sermann winery and enjoyed their food and wine, which was able to reopen last year after a lot of construction work. Conclusion: an awesome day!

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