"Missed pictures" - art exhibition at the IfMB

In front of our lecture hall in the institute there is now a small art exhibition about the project "Missed Pictures" by Gesine Born - visit us and support the artist in her research project!

The IFMB at the annual meeting of microbiologists

The IfMB in a sizeable delegation at the annual meeting of microbiologists

Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium 2023

Maren Eilers, Dr. Koen Martens, Fredrik Vermeulen and Laura Weber from the RG Endesfelder presented their research at SMLMS 2023 in Vienna.

Start-up team launched Up-Scale in university's co-working labs

Dr. Marcel Hövels and André Neff founded a company at the University of Bonn for the development of a sustainable sugar alternative.

A sustainable sugar alternative

The start-up project "van Sweethoven" is accepted into the EIT Food Seedbed Incubator.

Exciting institute excursion

with an impressive Effelsberg radio telescope and the hunt for gravitational waves, lots of nature and wonderful wine at the Sermann winery!

New habilitation candidate at the IfMB

We welcome Dr. Oliver Caspari at the institute!

Microbiologists at basketball

RG Dahl at the Telekom Baskets

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