ChemCologne Cooperation Day

André Neff and Marcel Hövels presented their fiber-based sugar alternatives at the ChemCologne Cooperation Day.

Congrats to Dr. Alexander Balinovic!

This week we went back to our old "home", the MPI in Marburg for the dissertation of our new Dr. Alexander Balinovic! 

A new PhD from the Dahl group

Congratulations to Maria Löffler on her PhD

EFSA Meeting in Parma

Prof. Deppenmeier and Natalie Hager at the annual meeting of the ADME4NGRA project at EFSA in Parma.

Sebastian has a PhD!

Congratualtions to Tomohisa Sebastian Tanabe from RG Dahl

Bacterial Electron Transfer Meeting 2024

Martina Grosser, Marc Gregor Mohr and group leader PD Dr Christiane Dahl presented their research at the BET Meeting in Alicante.

Big shoutout for the Profcast!

Curious about careers, research and teaching in microbiology? In the recently published 4th episode of the podcast, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Endesfelder from our institute was the guest of the biology student council.

Why inflating Yeast cells to five times their original size is a very SExY thing to do

A new protocol combines expansion microscopy with single-molecule imaging for fission yeast

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